Top Tips For Black Friday

With Black Friday on the 25th November it is important to know the best way to grab a bargain and save money in the run up to Christmas. Here are our top tips –

  1. Stay At Home РLast year was a complete flop as no one turned up! Save yourself petrol and queuing for the shops by making yourself a cup of tea and shop online. Most sales go live at midnight so get plenty of rest the day before.
  2. Get Online Early – Last year lots of websites crashed continuously, my best advice is to get online early have a look online to see what times the sales start and get on the websites half an hour beforehand, so if it crashes you are already on the website.
  3. Research¬†Prices – Lots of shops will higher RRP prices to make it look like a bigger saving, research the prices of items you plan to purchase beforehand so you know what is a real bargain and what isn’t!

Let us know what bargains you’ve had in the past from Black Friday in the comments below.

Vicky x

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